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Open your MetaMask account
Click on the three dots at the right upper hand and on Expand View. That way the page will be over your whole screen.
Go to your SPU Crypto Account.
In case you do not see the account, go to the link “Don’t see your tokens?” ADD Token.
Click on Custom Token
Add 0xa928e700fcf08787636eaaceab35459ae3705f40 in Token Contract Address
Token symbol SPU will appear Decimal will be 18
Click on continue.
You now see the SPURT on your account.
Click on SEND


Add in TO, the address you want to transfer to, like your SPUCrypto Regal Holdings account. Be SURE that it is the correct address, for when it is NOT correct, the money is LOST!!


Check in Regal Holdings, Wallet, SPURT, click on Deposit and you will see the account address, which you of course also saved already inside and outside your computer, as ALL Crypto info, for you KNOW you cannot retrieve it!!

Add the amount you want to add in SPUCrypto and click on Advanced Options and lower the 10 to 5, then click on Save and on continue. See the pictures HERE.