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Now that there is SPURT in Ethereum as choice, you might want to have SPURT for your SPU+.  Many clients already used this option to be able to make transfers with SPURT in Ethereum. You can request that by filling in the below form, which shows also how you should do this.
Please realize neither SPU+ nor SPURT are exchangeable at this moment.
We will use our OWN platform to exchange the currencies.

Some people think that because SPURT is not showing value in Ethereum, it has no value. That is not true. SPURT is used for big business and is very valuable and there is a backing. We just use SPURT within our Network and therefore it is not necessary to combine it with extern exchangers.
We will inform clients, when our platform is ready for exchange.

We activated a campaign to get more clients, so that we can start using SPURT while not exchangeable. That is what our platform always offered. The more people are connected, the better it is. Please get your friends, club, community to use SPURT, like the Timebank is used.
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